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Here’s where your donations went…

If you have been asked by a staff member at a number of Warehouse stores across Auckland to add a donation to your purchase, this is where it has gone.
Today The Warehouse Region 8 presented Hearing House kids Peyton and Henry with a giant cheque from donations of the last Add $1 campaign for a new sound booth! Peyton and Henry were pretty excited, they even had their own certificates to give to the staff for their hard work.
The Warehouse region 8 stores has done a number of Add $1 campaigns for The Hearing House over the last two years. So far the ten region 8 stores have raised enough money for a new preschool playground, and two specialised rooms in our new building (a family room and an audiology sound booth).
Thank you once again The Warehouse Region 8 teams for helping deaf kids to listen and speak!

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