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We've raised more than $65,000 for Loud Shirt Day so far but it's not too late to celebrate and donate! ​​

Help us get to our target of $75,000! ​

We're keeping our Loud Shirt Day 2023 fundraising channels open until mid-December, so show your support for the thousands of Kiwis living with cochlear implants and donate now! ​​

Thank you to everyone who has already donated. We really appreciate your generous support.​


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Help us support all New Zealanders who access sound with cochlear implants


Wear your brightest outfit for a day and raise vital funds to help children and adults who are hard of hearing and access sound through cochlear implants. 

Loud Shirt Day is the national fundraising campaign for The Hearing House and the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme (SCIP) – the only two charities in New Zealand dedicated to helping children and adults with cochlear implants learn to listen and communicate.


Together, these two organisations support thousands of Kiwis in every region of New Zealand living with cochlear implants. 

Through their passionate and dedicated teams of audiologists, specialised therapists, and support staff they deliver a range of services and programmes to assist babies, children and adults with cochlear implants as they learn to hear and communicate.

Money raised through Loud Shirt Day will help The Hearing House and SCIP ensure everyone in New Zealand living with cochlear implants has access to lifetime support. 





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