What is Loud Shirt Day?


Loud Shirt Day is the annual fundraising campaign of The Hearing House and the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme (SCIP), the only two charities in New Zealand dedicated to helping children and adults with cochlear implants learn to listen and speak.


New Zealanders are invited to dress up in their brightest and loudest outfits and hold fundraising events at workplaces, homes and schools throughout the country.

Where does the money go?

Both organisations are funded in-part by the Ministry of Health. Receiving a cochlear implant is just the beginning of a person’s journey to sound. They will need ongoing, specialist support from SCIP and The Hearing House for the rest of their lives.


Funds raised through Loud Shirt Day ensure SCIP and The Hearing House can continue to provide specialised listening and spoken language therapy to thousands of New Zealanders with cochlear implants. 


Hearing loss can happen to anyone at any point. Sometimes there is a genetic cause, there may be a disease process, or it may happen suddenly for no known reason.


Hearing loss affects family life, social interaction, access to mainstream education, and the ability to work. It cuts people off from the hearing world.

About the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme (SCIP)


Established in 2003, SCIP is a charity that provides care to more than 950 adults and children throughout the South Island and as far north as Taupo. Its offices in Christchurch and Wellington are complemented by regular visiting clinics throughout the catchment area. SCIP’s team provides all cochlear implant assessments, arranges surgery, activates the cochlear implant, administers adjustments and provides post-implant rehabilitation services.

About The Hearing House

Deafness knows no social, ethnic or cultural boundaries. At The Hearing House we support people to access sound with cochlear implants.


We work with more than 1000 New Zealanders in the upper North Island who use or will benefit from a cochlear implant. 

Through our passionate and dedicated team of audiologists, specialised therapists, and support staff we deliver a range of services and therapy programmes to assist people with cochlear implants and their wider whanāu. 

Most of our services are publicly funded as part of the Northern Cochlear Implant Programme. As a charity we rely on donations to provide lifetime support to our clients. 

How can people get involved with Loud Shirt Day?


Getting involved can be as simple as making a donation.


Click here to make a one-off donation to Loud Shirt Day today. 


You can get LOUD with us by setting up your own individual or team fundraiser. It can be as simple or as exciting as you want to make it. Running a specific activity or event is a great way to really amp up the donations. Get your school, daycare, workplace, friends and whānau involved. 

Click here to start your fundraiser 


The official date for Loud Shirt Day is Friday, 29 October, but you can choose any day that works best.


Dress up and host a Loud Shirt Day fundraising event. 


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What is a cochlear implant?



A cochlear implant is a surgically-implanted electronic device that restores hearing for those with profound hearing loss.


Hearing aids become ineffective when the hearing loss is profound. Communication through spoken language becomes impossible. A cochlear implant is the last and only viable treatment that will restore hearing.