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Aretha Knox at the Power of Speech event

Aretha Knox at the power of speech event

Aretha Knox, from our Hearing House family was a part of the Power of Speech event earlier in October this year. Aretha took part in the event at the parliament house at Canberra to address some of Australia's most powerful politicians on the topic "My Hearing Future".

Power of speech is an annual event organised by First Voice as a showcase of young cochlear implant recipients. Aretha was one among the six inspiring children with hearing loss to present at the event.

Aretha Knox lives in Raglan, a small surf town in the North Island. She has two older brothers Hendrix (aged 10) and Stevie (aged 8). Both Aretha (aged 7) and her brother Hendrix were born profoundly deaf and received bilateral implants at eights months of age. We are very proud of Aretha and love having her a part of The Hearing House Family.


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