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COVID-19 update from The Hearing House

As we prepare for the anticipated changes New Zealand will face with the spread of corona virus, we want to assure clients and families of The Hearing House that we are committed to keeping you safe and prepared. We will do the best we can in the changing circumstances.  We assure you we will monitor events and update our communication and processes.  We have a communication strategy in place and will provide ESSENTIAL SERVICES.  Be well, stay safe and reach out as needed.

The ESSENTIAL SERVICES The Hearing House will provide include:

  1. Aiming to keep every one “on the air” and hearing with well-functioning technology

  • You can contact Cochlear Australia & New Zealand to replace parts under warranty or to purchase direct (see below). Med El and Advanced Bionics users should contact The Hearing House directly.

  • We can send parts not under warranty from clinic stock and make plans for delivering.

  1. Providing information about who to contact if there is a medical concern, such as a swollen or infected surgery site. Our clinic phone will be monitored during business hours.

  2. Making tele-conferencing available for therapy or emergency audiology consultations.

At Level 2 status:

Those over 70 years of age, either clients or people accompanying them, are not to come to The Hearing House.  Those who have other immune compromised health conditions should also not come in.  Of course social distancing and good hygiene must be observed.

Contact THH during normal business hours. We will help you with your needs and provide the ESSENTIAL SERVICES.

At Level 3 status:

Travel limited meaning you come to The Hearing House ONLY if there are no other alternatives to complete ESSENTIAL SERVICES.  All consultations will be carried out by phone or teleconference.

At Level 4 status:

Stay at home. The Hearing House is closed. ESSENTIAL SERVICES will be accomplished through phone and teleconferencing only.

To contact The Hearing House

By phone: 0800 2547 836 toll free or 09 579 2333

By email: For adults, email

For children, email

In addition to phone communication, The Hearing House has access to Skype, Facetime, Zoom and Messenger.  Those who have iPhones or iPads can use Facetime.  Those with Android devices should have access to all the other conferencing tools. Call or email to request a video conference.

Communicating with Cochlear or Setting up a Cochlear Account

The Cochlear Youtube channel and the support website have a lot of great information on a number of topics:

If you have not already, set up an account at Cochlear -

By phone: Cochlear toll free phone 0800-444-819 (10:00-5:30)

Clients with Med El and Advanced Bionics devices can access troubleshooting information and make direct purchases from the websites

Med El

Advanced Bionics

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