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Spread the word!

Copy - paste and send this pre-written email to tell people about Loud Shirt Day.

Wear your brightest outfit this February and raise vital funds to help children and adults with profound hearing who access sound with cochlear implants. 


Loud Shirt Day is Friday 24 February 2023 but you can get LOUD with us in any way and on any day you like.


It is the national fundraising campaign for The Hearing House and the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme (SCIP) – the only two charities in New Zealand dedicated to supporting children and adults with cochlear implants as they learn to listen and communicate. Together, these two organisations support thousands of Kiwis in every region of New Zealand who access sound with cochlear implants. 


Money raised through Loud Shirt Day will help The Hearing House and SCIP ensure everyone in New Zealand has access to lifetime cochlear implant support. 


So how can you support Loud Shirt Day?

It’s never been easier to take part. 


Tips to get started:


  1. Invite your school, workplace, daycare, friends and whanau to take part. You can get LOUD with us by setting up your own individual team of fundraisers. Get the boss on board, challenge others and celebrate each milestone. 

  2. Spread the word! Follow Loud Shirt Day on Facebook and Instagram and share your fundraising efforts (and outrageous fashion choices) using the hashtag #getloud2023

  3. Donate! Getting involved can be as easy as making a donation. Click here to make a one off donation today and support all New Zealanders who access sound through cochlear implants


We want everyone to have the best Loud Shirt Day possible. If you have any questions, read our FAQs, see our Fundraising page, or email us at


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