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2014-2015 Annual Outcomes Report

The hearing house has officially released our first annual outcomes report which aims to provide useful information to stakeholders about our families, services and outcomes.

Here are a few facts taken from the report:

  • Did you know that 69% of our #deaf and hearing-impaired clients attend mainstream school with no additional support by the time they graduate the hearing house at the age of five. Read more (pg 18)

  • From 2009 – 2015 the number of #deaf children requiring support from the hearing house has almost doubled. Read more (pg 15)

  • The average language score of all #deaf children who graduate the hearing house – including those with additional disabilities – is 86%. Children who don’t suffer from any additional disabilities average language score is 97%. (scores between 85% – 115% are considered age-appropriate) read more (pg 23)

  • 74% of our deaf and hearing-impaired clients use spoken language only, with no use of sign. Read more (pg 18)

  • 39% of the hearing house clients suffer from disabilities additional to their hearing loss. Read more (pg 20)

  • Deaf children who receive services from the hearing house are represented across the board on the deprivation scale, taken from the score of their first parent. Read more (pg 16)

  • In a recent survey families of children who received cochlear implants recent to 2014, 100% satisfaction was reported for their experience with the hearing house services. Read more (pg 26)

Our mission is to work to achieve the very best speech and language possible for each child receiving services at the hearing house read more (pg 21)

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